Tami Muska- Flach, Owner & Founder, Bachelors Degree in Education, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Personal Coach, Certified Reiki Master & Intuitive Practitioner
“I started out with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, then moved into child care and owned 2 group daycare centers. Through all of my success came much stress which led to my own body falling apart. I found alternative healing as a way to put myself back together. As I began to study and heal myself I began to physically, emotionally and spiritually heal. My life’s purpose now is to help others find healing modalities that will help with their own personal journeys in holistic living. Balancing Mind, Body & soul is the key to a healthy happy life. Along with myself, there are also many other practitioners who can provide multiple services to assist your personal growth, and BodyLab will continue to provide a place for all to come together. Practitioners & clients. BodyLab has also launched a national directory to help people find what and who they are looking for in the wellness community. We are launching national expos to promote both this industry and directory.” Contact Tami@BodyLabUSA.com

Lori Lashman-Owner – North Dakota Sector  

I have been a business entrepreneur for 25 years. I am a person who excels at bringing people together and helping them bring out the true version of themselves to the surface so they can lead a happier more fulfilling life. I found the secret to a happier life through Spirituality and bringing like-minded people together to share. On my journey, I have found so many wonderful people and opportunities. It is a very magical world out there and I am so thankful and grateful to be a part of it. It has become a driving force in my life to empower others and share the knowledge I have come to know to be true for me. Contact Lori@BodyLabUSA.com

Cindy Dawn TorresManager, Marketing Director 

I have been working in online marketing and advertising for 4 years. My focus is working with those in the holistic health & psychic industry. I take care of many aspects of businesses including social media , website building and maintenance, virtual assistant work and more. I began working for BodyLabUSA in July 2014 and could not imagine not being part of this amazing team. I have watched it grow and expand and am looking forward to many more years of it growing. I manage all aspects of marketing and advertising, poster design, website updates and maintenance as well as run the ads department of the business and well just about anything else I can help with :-). I am a mother of 2 teenagers and wife of 16 years and currently reside in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila , Mexico with my husband and children.

For Questions regarding promoting your event with BodyLabUSA or being a Featured Business on our site. Please Contact Cindy by emailing her at Cindy@BodyLabUSA.com

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